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Specifications; Standard Accessories; Optional Accessories (Sold Separately) - Hitachi VB 16Y Handling Instructions Manual

Portable rebar cutter/bender
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1. Be sure to use the unit with the rated voltage
specified on the nameplate. Use of the unit at a
voltage exceeding the specification on the nameplate
can result in a dangerously high rotation speed and
2. Avoid any work exceeding the maximum capacities
of the unit described in the specifications. Never
cut and/or bend any hard materials such as
PC(Precast concrete) steel, etc. Materials of this type
are likely to scatter into pieces and cause injuries.
3. If the unit malfunctions during operation or you
hear any abnormal noise, immediately turn off the
switch and stop operation. Contact the store where
you bought the unit or a Authorised Hitachi Servise
Center, and ask for checkup and/or repair. Use of
the unit without checkup and repair can result in
4. Make absolutely sure that the cutter cover is closed
when you don't carry out the cutting work. If the
cover is kept open, the cutter can jam on foreign
objects and cause serious accidents. (Fig. 1)


Power Input
Number of piece(s) that
can be processed at one time


(1) Allen key (For M5 hexagon socket bolt)
....................................................... 1 (attached to unit)
(2) One set of cutters ......................... 1 (attached to unit)

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (sold separately)

1. Cutter
* One set containing two pieces
5. While turning switches, never put your hand close
to the cutter, reaction stopper, or bending roller.
Bringing your hand close to these components can
result in serious injury.
6. If you accidentally drop the unit or knock it against
something, thoroughly examine the unit and ensure
that there are no damages, cracks, or deformations
on the cutter and unit.
7. If you use the machine continuously, the inner
cover and gear cover can become hot. After such
continuous use, do not touch the inner cover and
gear cover.
8. Do not immerse unit in water as this may cause
malfunction or electric shock.
Install the cutter and accessories securely according
to the handling instructions. If you fail to install
them properly, they may come off and cause an
Be sure to unplug the power cord from the receptacle
when the cutter is checked, cleaned, and replaced.
Failure to do so can result in a serious injury.
(1) Material: Rebar, equivalent grades: GRADE 460 (Great Britain), BST
500 (Germany), B500 (Spain) and FeE 500 (France)
(2) Diameter of material: 8 – 16 mm
ø10 mm 2 pieces
ø12 mm 1 piece
ø16 mm 1 piece
2. Center Roller (D 50) Set
* This is used when the bending diameter of a rebar
is changed to (bent diameter: R 25).
3. Center Roller (D 38) Set
* This is used when the bending diameter of a rebar
is changed to (bent diameter: R 19).
(Fig. 1)
230 V
510 W
ø10 mm 3 pieces
ø12 mm 2 pieces
ø16 mm 1 piece
17.0 kg (excluding cord)
50 mm
(R25 mm)
38 mm
(R19 mm)



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