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Electrolux 2600 Instruction Book page 33

Assistent stand blender


Safety System
The safety system prevents the blender
from being operated if the tank is not
correctly seated.
You should nevertheless still keep
children away from the appiance.
Ice crushing
The blender can be used for crushing
ice. Always add a little water to the
tank before using the blender to crush
0 Pour the water into the tank.
0 Switch the blender on. Any Speed set-
ting may be used. However, Speed 3 is
ideally suited to ice crushing.
0 You can add more ice through the filler
hole in the lid while the blender is run-
Care and Cleaning
Before cleaning the blender, take the
plug out of the socket.
Make sure that no liquids get inside
the motor casing!
Clean the casing with a damp cloth.
Never immerse in water or clean
under running water.
The tank and blade assembly can be
cleaned quickly and safely using the
Pulse Button.
0 Pour warm water into the tank, with a
few drops of washing-up liquid.
0 Mix the water and wahing-up liquid,
by pushing the Pulse Button briefly.
0 Finally, rinse the tank under running
If necessary, the blade assembly can
also be cleaned separately.
Be careful when rinsing the blade
assembly (The blades are sharp!). Use
only water and washing-up liquid.
Never put parts of the appliance in a
When replacing the blade assembly,
turn it clockwise. See paragraph
"Assembling the Blender".
Waste disposal
Disposing of packing materials
All packing materials are environmen-
tally friendly and can be safely dis-
posed of, or burned in a waste
incinerator. All cardboard parts have
been made from recycled paper, and
should be returned to a recyclable
paper collection point.
Disposing of the appliance
If and when you do not wish to use the
appliance any more, please take it to
the nearest Recycling centre, or to your
dealer, who will take it back for a small
Customer Service
This appliance has been manufactured
to the highest quality standards. How-
ever, should a problem arise that can-
not be resolved with the help of these
user instructions, please contact your
dealer, or Electrolux customer service.



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