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Dear Customer; Safety Instructions - Electrolux 2600 Instruction Book

Assistent stand blender
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Dear Customer,

Please read these instructions carefully.
Pay special attention to the safety in-
structions on the first pages. Keep the
instructions in a safe place for future
reference. Give them to any new owners
of the appliance.
Description (Figure 1)
A Tank
B Pouring outlet
C Filler hole with cup (locking)
D Lid
Blade assembly
Rubber seal (in blade assembly)
G Motor housing
H Pulse-Button
Speed selector
K Non-slip feet
Cord storage drawer
(on the bottom of the appliance)
M Rating label
(on the bottom of the appliance)

Safety Instructions

Electrolux electrical appliances meet
the recognised technical and legal
standards for safety. As the manufac-
turers, we nevertheless feel we should
bring to your attention the following
points on safety.
General Safety
• The appliance should only be con-
nected to mains supplies with the same
voltage and frequency ratings as those
indicated on the Ratings Label.
• Never pull the plug out of the power
socket by pulling on the cord.
• Never try to operate the blender if
– the casing has been damaged,
– the cord has been damaged.
• If the power cord for this appliance has
been damaged, it should only be
replaced, for safety reasons, by the
manufacturer or Customer Service, or
by a suitably qualified person.
• The appliance should only be repaired
by a suitably skilled repair technician.
Inappropriate repairs may cause con-
siderable safety hazards. If repairs
become necessary, contact Electrolux
Customer Service, or your dealer.
Child Safety
• Do not leave the appliance running
while unattended, or let children near
the appliance unsupervised!
When operating the appliance:
• Never operate the appliance with your
hands bare.
• Plastic parts should never be dried at
or near direct sources of heat.
• The appliance must not be used for
mixing dyes (paints, or lacquer, etc,).
This can cause explosions!
• When you have finished using the
appliance, before cleaning, switch off
and pull the plug out of the socket.
• The blade assembly should only be dis-
assembled by an authorised technician.
• Never clean the motor casing under
running water or soapy water.
• Caution! The blade assembly is very
sharp. Be careful when taking the
blender apart and re-assembling. It
may cause injury if handled incor-
• Do not leave hard objects (for example
spoons) in the blade assembly while
running, and do not grasp the appli-
ance with the hand inside the blender
tank. This may cause injury!
• The manufactuer will not be responsi-
ble for any damage due to inappropri-
ate use or incorrect operation.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents