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Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SHTT 2200 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Ionic hairdryer
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Safety instructions

Connect the hairdryer only to a correctly installed mains power
socket providing electrical current at the level detailed on the
rating plate.
Under no circumstances may the hairdryer be submerged in liquids,
or liquids be permitted to enter the appliance housing. Do not
expose the appliance to humidity and do not use it outdoors.
If liquid gets into the housing, disconnect the appliance from the
mains power socket immediately and have it repaired by a quali-
fied technician.
Unplug the hairdryer from the power socket if defective operation
is apparent and before cleaning it.
To disconnect the appliance, pull only on the plug itself, not on
the power cable.
Do not wrap the power cable around the appliance and protect
the cable from being damaged.
To avoid potential risks, damaged mains cables should be
replaced by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's customer
service department or a similarly qualified person.
Do not kink or crush the power cable and route it in such a way
as to prevent people from stepping on or tripping over it.
Do not use extension cables.
Never touch the hairdryer, the power cable or the plug with wet
Disconnect the hairdryer from the power source immediately after
use. The appliance is completely free of electrical power only
when you unplug it.
You must not open or repair the housing of the hairdryer. Doing
so can lead to risks and also invalidates the warranty. Arrange
for the hairdryer to be serviced and repaired only by qualified
SHTT 2200 A1


Table of Contents

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