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Cold Air Level; Ionisation Function - Silvercrest SHTT 2200 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Ionic hairdryer
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The sensor-controlled cut-off is not suitable for switching off the hairdryer
permanently. If you are not using the hairdryer switch it off using the blower
level switch
5) Once you have finished using it, switch the appliance off by switching the
blower level switch
the plug from the wall socket.

Cold air level

With the cold air button
combination of blower and heat levels.

Ionisation function

This hairdryer is fitted with an ionisation function.
If hair is dried using a normal hairdryer, the hair becomes charged statically and
starts to "fly".
The ionisation function ensures that this charging of the hair is neutralised and
cancelled. The hair becomes soft, supple, shiny and easier to style.
Please note, however, that the ionisation function will only work optimally if the
attachments (finger diffuser
interfere with the application of the ions to the hair. Therefore, use the hairdryer
without attachments for maximum ionisation effect.
SHTT 2200 A1
to "0". The indicator lamp
you can produce a cooler air flow with any
/styling jet
goes out. Then remove
) are removed as the attachment will


Table of Contents

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