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Disposal Of Packaging Materials; Description Of The Appliance; Technical Data - Silvercrest SHTT 2200 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Ionic hairdryer
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Disposal of packaging materials

The packaging protects the appliance from damage during transport. The pack-
aging materials have been selected for their environmental friendliness and ease
of disposal, and are therefore recyclable.
Returning the packaging into the material cycle conserves raw materials and
reduces the amount of waste generated. Dispose of packaging materials that
are no longer needed in accordance with applicable local regulations.
If possible, keep the original packaging during the warranty period so that
the device can be properly packed for returning in the event of a warranty

Description of the appliance

Figure A:
Styling jet
Air intake grille
Sensor field
Hanger eye
Control lamp
Blower level switch (2 levels)
Heater level switch (3 levels)
Cold air button
Figure B:
Finger diffuser

Technical data

Mains voltage
Rated power
Protection class
SHTT 2200 A1
220–240 V ~ , 50/60 Hz
1900 - 2300 W


Table of Contents

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