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Preparation; Operation; Heating And Blower Levels - Silvercrest SHTT 2200 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Ionic hairdryer
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Heating and blower levels

1) Remove all parts of the appliance and the operating instructions from the carton.
2) Remove all packaging material.
This appliance is fitted with a contact sensor. This means that the hairdryer only
switches on if you are holding it in your hand and touching the sensor field
at the same time.
1) Insert the plug into the mains power socket.
The hairdryer is fitted with two function switches. You can use these to separately
select the strength of the air flow (blower level switch
level switch
Blower levels
hairdryer is switched off
reduced airflow
increased airflow
Heat levels
reduced heat level
medium heat level
high heat level
2) Select the desired blower level using the blower level switch
illuminates and shows that the hairdryer will start as soon as the
sensor field
is contacted.
3) Select the desired heating level using the heating level switch
4) If you are not holding the hairdryer in the hand:
take hold of the hairdryer with your hand on its handle. This means that you
will be touching the sensor field
If you put the hairdryer down for a short time, it will switch off automatically.
) and the heat level (heat
and the hairdryer will switch on.
. The control
SHTT 2200 A1


Table of Contents

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