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Storage; Troubleshooting; Disposal Of The Appliance; Warranty - Silvercrest SHTT 2200 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Ionic hairdryer
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Disposal of the appliance


Do not package or transport the hairdryer until it has cooled down.
Otherwise, it could damage other items.
Clean the hairdryer as described in Chapter "Cleaning".
Store the hairdryer in a dust-free and dry location.
If your hairdryer does not function as expected, first remove the plug from the
mains power socket and allow the appliance to cool down for a few minutes.
The appliance is fitted with an overheating protector!
If the appliance still does not function, consult the service location detailed under
Do not dispose of the appliance in your normal domestic waste.
This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive
Dispose of the appliance via an approved waste disposal company or your
municipal waste disposal facility. Please comply with all applicable regulations.
Please contact your waste disposal facility if you are in any doubt.
This appliance is provided with a 3-year warranty valid from the date of purchase.
The appliance has been manufactured with care and inspected meticulously
prior to delivery.
Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. In the event of a warranty claim,
please contact your Customer Service unit by telephone. This is the only way to
guarantee free return of your goods.
The warranty is valid only for material or manufacturing faults, not for trans-
port damage, parts subject to wear or damage to fragile parts,
e.g. switches.
SHTT 2200 A1


Table of Contents

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