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Configuring The Ethernet Network; Set Up Irf Configuration - HP Converged Architecture 700 Deployment Manual

With nimble storage.
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Configuring the Ethernet Network

Configuring the Ethernet Network
The HPE Converged Architecture 700 with Nimble Storage has been validated with the HPE FlexFabric
5940-4Slot switch. The HPE FlexFabric 5940-slot-2QSFP+ switch can also be leveraged for deployments,
but those steps are not documented in this guide.
The following procedures describe how to configure the HPE FlexFabric 5940-4Slot switches for use in a
base HPE Converged Architecture 700 with Nimble Storage environment. Before configuring the switches,
make sure that they are running the HPE Comware version specified in
on page 12. A base HPE Converged Architecture 700 with Nimble Storage deployment must use a
minimum of two of the same model network switches.

Set Up IRF Configuration

The procedure for configuring the Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) begins at switch A, moves to switch
B, and concludes back at switch A.
1 Starting at the serial port of HPE FlexFabric 5940-4Slot switch A, configure the switch.
At initial boot and connection to the serial or console port of the switch, the Comware setup should
automatically start and attempt to enter automatic configuration.
When instructions call for network configuration in system-view context, if you are at the <HPE>
prompt, issue the system-view command to get to the [HPE] prompt.
Startup configuration file does not exist.
Started automatic configuration, press CTRL_C or CTRL_D to break.
Automatic configuration attempt: 1.
Not ready for automatic configuration: no interface available.
Waiting for the next...
Automatic configuration attempt: 2.
Interface used: M-GigabitEthernet0/0/0.
Enable DHCP client on M-GigabitEthernet0/0/0.
M-GigabitEthernet0/0/0 failed to obtain IP address.
Interface used: Vlan-interface1.
Enable DHCP client on Vlan-interface1.
Vlan-interface1 failed to obtain IP address.
Waiting for the next... Line aux0 is available.
Press ENTER to get started.
<HPE> system-view
System View: return to User View with Ctrl+Z.
2 Configure the IRF ports.
[HPE] interface range FortyGigE 1/1/7 to FortyGigE 1/1/8
[HPE-if-range] shutdown
[HPE-if-range] quit
[HPE] irf-port 1/1
[HPE-irf-port1/1] port group interface FortyGigE 1/1/7
[HPE-irf-port1/1] port group interface FortyGigE 1/1/8
[HPE-irf-port1/1] quit
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