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Upper Thread Tension - Brother SL100 Service Manual

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At upper tension control dial [4], when the schappe spun thread #60 is passed through the
tension disc and the presser foot lifter is lowered and the thread is pulled up slowly with
the tension gauge, the thread tension should be 0.46 to 0.66 N (47 to 67 gf).
1. Remove the thread tension label.
2. Remove the screw while holding the tension control knob.
3. Remove the tension control knob.
4. Raise the presser foot lifter.
5. Pass the schappe spun thread #60 through the tension disc, and lower the presser foot lifter. (Close the tension disc.)
6. Pull the thread up slowly with the tension gauge, and measure the thread tension.
7. Adjust the thread tension by turning the gear of tension control stud by hand.
*Key point
• Turn the gear to the direction of "A". → The thread tension is smaller.
• Turn the gear to the direction of "B". → The thread tension is larger.
Schappe spun thread #60
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Upper thread tension

Tension control knob
Tension gauge 100 (~ 1 N)
4 - 20
Presser foot lifter
Thread tension label
0.46 - 0.66 N (47 - 67 gf)
Taptite, Bind B M3X10
Gear of tension
control stud


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