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Feature Guide - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Appearance features
Top-freezer food preservation
Upfront dual fresh food lighting and freezer dome light
provide greater visibility throughout the refrigerator. Two bulbs
in the fresh food compartment and one bulb in the freezer
offer great visibility.
Rear freezer light
All "W" and "K" series top-freezer models have a rear
wall-mounted light. (Profile top-freezers have front-center light.)
Radius doors and Low-profile hinge
Doors are slightly curved at the corners to provide a softer
look. Hinge is low and allows for easy door opening within
the case. There is no need to allow for extra space.
Adjustable humidity crispers
with removal system
Foods stay fresh in this adjustable humidity environment.
Choose high humidity for vegetables and low humidity for fruits.
Rear gaskets help seal the pan for freshness. Cleaning is a
snap. (18/19 cu. ft. models use the slide-out/slide-over system.
22 cu. ft. models use the pivot-out system.) For slide-out/
slide-over models, remove one pan, then slide the other over
and out. For the pivot-out system, slide one pan out, depress
the center lever, pivot the pan and remove.
Selling Tip: Open fresh food
and freezer doors to point out
the lighting. The brighter interior
will then speak for itself.
Selling Tip: Point out low hinge
and demonstrate how door
opens within the case. Explain
the benefit of this feature in
tight spaces.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
humidity controls. Demonstrate
pan removal system with the
customer's assistance so he/she
can see for himself/ herself the
ease with which the pans can be
removed for cleaning.

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Table of Contents

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