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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 67

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Table of Contents
Mechanical systems
Single control
This basic system uses one knob and one thermostat to control temperature.
The knob is located at the top (upfront) of the fresh food section.
The thermostat is located in a control housing at the top of the fresh food section.
The knob adjusts the fresh food temperature controller. This turns on the compressor and
evaporator fans at the set temperature.
Freezer temperature is maintained by an internal control that is not adjustable by the consumer.
This basic system is found on small GE
Dual control
With dual-control systems, consumers will see two control dials in the refrigerator's
fresh food section.
One temperature sensor regulates temperature by turning the freezer evaporator fan and
compressor on or off as needed to maintain the desired temperature inside the fresh food
The freezer control dial opens or closes a damper located between the freezer and
fresh food section.
When the freezer dial is set at 9 (coldest setting), the damper is nearly closed.
When the freezer dial is set at 1 (warmest setting), the damper is wide open.
The fresh food dial works just as described in the single control system. This dial turns on the
compressor and evaporator fan, which run until the temperature in the fresh food section
reaches the set point.
To avoid consumer confusion, GE presents the controls at a midpoint to prevent extremes in
temperature in either the freezer or fresh food sections.
Electro-mechanical system
This system is found in many competitive refrigerators.
Controls use one thermostat and two control knobs in the fresh food section and a
temperature sensor in the upper wall of the freezer.
The fresh food control knob is an automatic control that regulates the damper between the
freezer and the fresh food sections.
As the temperature increases in the fresh food section, the damper opens automatically to
let cold air from the freezer into the fresh food area to lower the temperature.
Once the desired temperature is reached in the fresh food section, the damper closes
The freezer knob turns on the compressor and evaporator fan. They will run until the desired
freezer temperature is reached.
The fresh food knob is set at the midpoint setting in the factory. Consumers may adjust this
setting to make either section warmer or colder.
With this type of system, when the freezer is at the desired setting and the compressor and
the freezer evaporator fan are off, the air flow slows from the freezer to the fresh food section
through the opened damper.
top-freezer refrigerators.

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Table of Contents

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