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Shelfsaver ™ Beverage Rack - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
GE Profile Arctica
Convenience features
beverage rack
It slides out to provide extra storage for a variety of food and
beverage items. The rack holds a 9" x 13" casserole dish, two
cartons of eggs, leftover containers, 12 beverage cans or four
16-ounce water bottles!
Multi-level Slide 'n Store
Three full-extension baskets maximize freezer storage space.
Each basket slides out independently of the other baskets.
Two baskets are full width and the top basket shares space
with the icemaker.
Adjustable gallon door bins
These deep door bins adjust up and down, providing
maximum storage flexibility for gallon jugs, two- and three-liter
bottles, six packs and more for quick, easy access! Gallon
storage is within easy reach.
All door bins have gallon storage capability!
Internal water dispenser with
GE SmartWater
Conveniently located inside the fresh food compartment, the
internal water dispenser puts refreshing water well within
reach. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of bottled water
without the bottled-water expense. The SmartWater filtration
system delivers clean, fresh-tasting water through the internal
water dispenser.
Selling Tip: Talk customer
through all the uses of this
shelf and how it can free up
additional shelf space.
Selling Tip: Pull the drawer out.
Slide freezer baskets in and out.
Explain that you no longer have
to get on your knees to reach in
as the items come to you!
Selling Tip: Have customer
remove and replace a deep
door bin to demonstrate how
easily adjustments can be made.
Selling Tip: In its easy-to-reach
position, the location of the
Internal Water Dispenser is
ideal for young children.
GE SmartWater can eliminate
the need to purchase
bottled water.

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Table of Contents

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