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Food preservation features
Consumers want features that protect food quality and allow foods to last longer.
The most unique feature of built-in refrigerators is the evaporator positioned in an overhead compartment rather
than the lower area like conventional refrigerators. Refrigerators with overhead evaporator systems function
differently than conventional refrigerators. The evaporator in a conventional refrigerator cools the freezer, then vents
the freezer air into the fresh food compartment. Cold fresh food air comes directly from the freezer.
With an overhead evaporator system, the cold air is generated by the evaporator located above the freezer and
fresh food compartments. This allows air to be vented into the freezer and fresh food compartments separately.
This eliminates 0°F freezer air from entering the fresh food compartment. The result is better food preservation.
Overhead evaporator
By eliminating air shared between the fresh food compartment and freezer, foods are protected from odor/flavor
transference and the air in the fresh food compartment retains more necessary moisture.
By eliminating warmer refrigerator air from exiting the freezer, the freezer operates more efficiently. Fewer defrost
cycles are needed and frozen foods retain their quality longer.
The overhead evaporator frees up additional freezer space.

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Table of Contents

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