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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 38

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GE Profile Arctica
Appearance features
Contoured doors with
sculptured Profile handle
The difference between 2002 and 2003 exteriors is dramatic!
The larger sculptured Profile handles dramatically change the
appearance. The gently contoured rounded edges give it a
dramatic, kitchen-enhancing look.
interior lighting
Consumer response to great interior lighting is extremely
positive. 2003 Profile Arctica Bottom Freezers have 120 watts
of light in the fresh food area and 40 watts in the freezer.
Adjustable ClearLook
Foods will stay fresh in this adjustable humidity environment.
Choose between HIGH humidity for vegetables and LOW
humidity for fruits.
gallon door bins
These deep door bins adjust up and down providing maximum
storage flexibility for gallon jugs, two- and three-liter bottles, six
packs and more for quick, easy access! The ClearLook fronts
are attractive and give clear viewing of everything inside. The
bins put gallon storage within easy reach and the eyebrow
arched top edge adds stability to tall items.
Adjustable Temp Deli Drawer
The drawer is designed so cold air surrounds the pan to keep
items stored there fresh. It provides convenient space to store
loose items. Higher settings keep meats fresh longer while the
lower setting helps cheese stay drier and last longer.
Selling Tip: Compare the
exterior design with other
models on the floor. The visual
difference is obvious.
Selling Tip: Try to have our
products plugged in so
consumers see the exceptional
lighting as soon as the door
is opened. Having 120 watts
at eye level is very important
to consumers.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
humidity controls. Have
customer remove one pan,
then slide the other over and
out to demonstrate the ease
of removal for cleaning.
Selling Tip: Have customer
remove and replace a deep
door bin to demonstrate how
easily adjustments can be made.
Selling Tip: Ask customer
if most cheeses are dry or
slippery. The answer should
be dry. Dry cheeses last longer.
Too much moisture can cause
cheese to mold easily.

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Table of Contents

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