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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 51

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Table of Contents
Food preservation features
Electronic sensors
Three sensors electronically read fresh food and freezer
temperatures. One is located in the fresh food compartment,
two in the freezer (one is visible). Temperature readings are
transmitted to the main control board and compressor
operation, fan speeds and defrost cycles are determined.
Upfront electronic touch temperature controls
Upfront controls allow for easy access. Controls are preset at
the factory at 5 and 5 and can be adjusted between 1 and 9
(9 is the coldest setting). A "0" setting for either the fresh food
or freezer will turn the unit off. Child Lock feature—press and
hold control for 3 seconds. The display will remain on when it
is in lockout mode. Electronic controls allow for independent
temperature control of the fresh food and freezer which results
in less severe temperature fluctuations.
Multiflow air system
Located in the freezer compartment, the air tower helps in the
distribution of cool air. Air dispenses from the ceiling portion of
the air tower so air is directed from the top down. Better air
circulation allows for better temperature control.
Adjustable temperature meat pan
Set the temperature on this drawer for optimal cheese,
luncheon meat or fresh meat storage. Cold air surrounds
the drawer, keeping it up to 6 degrees cooler than the rest
of the refrigerator.
Selling Tip: Point out the
electronic sensor in the fresh
food compartment. It is easily
visible on the side (covered
by a grate).
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
temperature controls. Invite the
customer to set the controls
Selling Tip: Point to the air
tower in the back of the freezer
compartment. Highlight air
vents and explain the benefits
of even air distribution.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
temperature control.

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Table of Contents

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