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GE Profile CustomStyle
ClimateKeeper2 helps foods stay fresher longer by using one evaporator in the freezer and another in the fresh
food compartment. Conventional refrigeration uses only one evaporator that cools the freezer, venting cold, dry air
into the fresh food compartment. Two evaporators allow the freezer and fresh food compartments to be cooled
independently. The 0°F freezer air never enters the 37°F fresh food area. The 37°F fresh food air holds 2-3 times
the humidity, dramatically increasing the time refrigerated foods maintain their freshness and appearance.
The two examples shown are typical of the results consistently seen when comparing foods stored in a
conventional refrigerator to those in a ClimateKeeper2 model.
ClimateKeeper2 allows foods such as
fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses
to retain the higher moisture levels
that keep them at their peak longer.
Foods quickly deteriorate as they lose
moisture, becoming dry
and unappealing.
Foods last longer at higher relative
humidity levels produced by
dual-evaporator systems.
Temperature and relative humidity
for optimum food storage.
The diamond shapes represent the
humidity preferences of common foods
such as produce, meats, cheeses,
casseroles, etc. Cheeses are the lowest, at
around 65% humidity. Most foods prefer
humidity levels higher than 80%.
The ovals show the range of humidity
levels in a conventional system and in the
ClimateKeeper2 system. ClimateKeeper2
holds foods much closer to their optimal
levels than any other system available.
system—What's new in CustomStyle
ClimateKeeper2 system after five days.
ClimateKeeper2 system maintains more moisture
than a conventional system,
Conventional system after five days.
preserving foods longer.

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Table of Contents

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