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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 52

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Table of Contents
GE Profile Arctica
Food preservation features
Adjustable humidity crispers with
pivot-out pan removal system
Foods stay fresh in this adjustable humidity environment.
Choose between high humidity for vegetables and low
humidity for fruits. Front and rear gaskets help seal the pan
for freshness. Cleaning is a snap with the pivot-out pan
removal system. Slide one pan out, depress the center lever,
pivot pan and remove.
Frost-free refrigerators defrost automatically based on time,
regardless of whether or not it's necessary. This adaptive defrost
system will defrost only as needed accounting for door openings
and usage to determine when it's necessary and how long the
cycle runs. It also utilizes a "pre-chill" function wherein the freezer
temperature is lowered prior to the defrost cycle. This reduces
the time it takes to return the freezer temperature to the set point
once the defrost cycle is complete and reduces freezer burn.
Electronic icemaker (IM4A)
Electronic sensor senses water temperature and allows for a
second and third fill of the mold if necessary (due to low water
pressure, etc.). This provides more consistent cube size. The
sensor also senses water temperature during the freezing
process and will harvest ice based on its temperature rather
than time. This can allow for better ice production. Icemaker
is turned on and off by a switch and feeler arm detects when
the ice bucket is full.
Internal water dispenser with
GE SmartWater
Conveniently located inside the fresh food compartment, the
internal water dispenser puts refreshing water well within
reach. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of bottled water
without the bottled-water expense. SmartWater filtration system
delivers clean, fresh-tasting water through the internal water
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
humidity controls. Demonstrate
pan removal system with the
customer's assistance, so he/she
can see for himself/herself the
ease with which the pans can
be removed for cleaning.
Selling Tip: In its easy-to-reach
position, the location of the
Internal Water Dispenser is
ideal. GE SmartWater can
eliminate the need to purchase
bottled water.

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Table of Contents

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