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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 34

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Convenience features
Tall LightTouch! dispenser
Unique, single-cradle design requires only the slightest touch
to activate. The tall design allows for easy fill-ups! Pitchers,
blenders, sports bottles and coffeepots are just a few of the
items this dispenser can fill.
Select water, crushed or cubed ice for dispensing.
Light will come on when the cradle is depressed.
Depressing the light button will also turn on the light. It will
remain on until user depresses the button again.
Water filter change indicator (some models) will turn yellow
after 90% of filter is used. Will turn red when 100%
of filter is used. Depress and hold for 3 seconds to reset.
Child lock (some models) Depress for 3 seconds to lock
dispenser controls and prevent dispenser from operating.
Depress and hold for another 3 seconds to reactivate.
This tempered glass shelf quickly slides back at the touch
of a finger to make storing tall or large items a snap. It offers
vertical storage flexibility without removing and adjusting the
shelf. No cranks to turn or shelves to remove...simply slide
it back!
Slide-out, spillproof
cantilevered shelves (most models)
These tempered glass shelves are easily adjusted in 1"
increments. The slide-out feature makes it easy to access
those hard-to-reach items in back. Spills stay in their place!
Each shelf can hold up to 12 oz. of spilled liquid, preventing
leakage throughout the refrigerator cavity.
Slide-out, spillproof integrated shelves
(high-end GE)
These tempered glass shelves allow easy access to food items.
Cleanup is simple, too. These shelves hold up to 12 oz. of
spilled liquids. The shelves fit snugly with the liner to stop
spills from traveling further down the fresh food compartment.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate items
that will fit into the dispenser
for easy filling. Invite the
customer to touch the single
cradle and let them feel the
LightTouch! A styrofoam cup
can also be used to demonstrate
the easy activation.
Selling Tip: Invite the customer
to slide back the QuickSpace
shelf and then pull it forward to
demonstrate how easily it works
and how much space it provides.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
slide-out shelf and explain the
benefits of easy access to items.
Talk about Spillproof shelves
and how they can hold up to
12 oz. of liquid.
Selling Tip: Explain the
benefits of easy cleanup by
pointing to the lip on the shelf
and explaining how it catches
spills. Also point out that the
shelf goes all the way to the side
of the refrigerator—again,
holding the spill on the shelf.
Spillproof also promotes safe
food storage by preventing meat
juices from spilling off the shelf
and getting onto other foods.

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Table of Contents

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