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Table of Contents
GE Profile CustomStyle
Food preservation features
and Free-Standing Side-by-Side
TurboCool setting "revs up" the refrigerator, cooling it quickly
after frequent or extended door openings and when hot items
are placed inside. The compressor is activated and the fans
turn on at high speed—even when the door is open. The
fresh food temperature will revert to the coldest setting for an
8-hour period or until TurboCool is turned off (whichever
comes first). That maximizes the cooling ability of the fresh
food compartment.
This adaptive defrost system defrosts only when needed,
using sensors to calculate when defrosting is necessary
based on door openings and internal temperatures.
Prior to a defrost cycle, the freezer temperature is lowered
in a pre-chill cycle which prevents foods from warming up
during defrost.
condenser coils
Traditional coils hang exposed, under or behind the
refrigerator and dust easily collects on them, slowing
refrigerator efficiency. NeverClean Coils are encased in a
sealed compartment, keeping them clean and functioning
optimally. When dust and household residue collect around
the condenser coils, the refrigerator can't maintain the optimal
temperature required for maximum food preservation.
Selling Tip: Point to the
TurboCool button on the control
panel. Invite the customer to
press the button, noting how the
green indicator light illuminates
upon activation.
Selling Tip: Ask how
often they have had to throw
away foods due to dryness
or flavor loss both the result
of freezer burn.
Selling Tip: Ask if they have
moved a refrigerator and
have seen what has collected
underneath. This dust and
debris clings to coils unless they
are encased.

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Table of Contents

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