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Quick Ice ™ Setting - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Convenience features
Ice and Water System
Integrated Ice
The ice bucket is integrated into the freezer ceiling for better
eye-level storage. IM5SS icemaker uses an electronic sensor
to detect the level of the water and allow for second and third
fill of the mold if necessary (due to low water pressure, etc.) to
provide consistent cube size. The sensor also calculates water
temperature during the freezing process and empties ice as
soon as it is frozen so the next cycle can begin.
The ice bucket design allows it to easily tilt down for quick
removal of bulk ice, and pulls up and out for quick removal.
The auger is stainless steel for durability and consistent high
performance. The feeler arm detects when the ice drawer is
full and turns on and off as needed.
Quick Ice
This feature is selected on the dispenser. Once selected, it
will turn on a fan to blow cool air over the icemaker. This
expedites ice freezing (production) up to 50%. The fan will
run for 48 hours or until the Quick Ice button is turned off
(whichever comes first). Great for parties, picnics, etc.
GE SmartWater
Smartwater Plus filtration system
The system filters both ice and water, reducing chlorine, odor,
lead, cysts and provides clean, better-tasting water (tested
and certified by the NSF). And it's easy to replace with no
special tools required. There's no need to turn off the water.
Simply turn the filter to the left to remove. A check valve
stops water flow and prevents leakage. Insert the new filter
and turn to the right. The filter should be replaced when the
indicator light turns red.
Selling Tip: Point out how
integrated ice, tucked up inside
the freezer cabinet and not the
door, frees up valuable storage
space. For any size item
including large turkeys over
22 pounds.
Selling Tip: Explain this feature
like windchill. The moving cold
air lowers the temperature for
faster freezing.
Selling Tip: Point to the filter.
Explain how easy it is to replace
and the convenience of having
the filter right where you can
see it—without getting on your
hands and knees to find it!
Show the water filter indicator
light on the dispenser and
explain that it will turn yellow,
then red when it's time to
change the filter.

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Table of Contents

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