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Spillproof Shelves - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Slide-out, spillproof shelves
These tempered glass shelves allow easy access to food
items. Cleanup is simple, too. These shelves will hold spilled
liquids—up to 12 oz. The shelves fit snugly with the
liner to stop spills from traveling further down the fresh
food compartment.
Refreshment center ("H" models)
Provides easy access to favorite foods and beverages
without having to open the refrigerator door! The fold-down ABS
door provides a sturdy serving counter. Improved temperature
management ensures items in the door stay cool.
door and storage bins
Sealed Snack Pan, Deli Pan, Vegetable/Fruit Crisper and
CustomCool Bin also have crystal-clear fronts and sides for
easy viewing and improved appearance.
Selling Tip: Explain the benefits
of easy cleanup by pointing to
the lip on the shelf and
explaining how it catches spills.
Also point out that the shelf
goes all the way to the side of
the refrigerator—again, helping
contain the spill on the shelf.
Selling Tip: To demonstrate the
convenience of the refreshment
center, have gallon jugs or
two-liter bottles already in place
in the compartment. Invite the
customer to drop the door down,
and point out the accessibility
of the items.
Selling Tip: Point out to your
customers how the curved front
edge not only adds to the
attractiveness of the product, but
it also acts as a support for the
tallest items, preventing them
from falling out. Compare this
shape to competitive models that
have a straight edge no higher
than the lowest point on our
curved design.

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Table of Contents

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