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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 24

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Table of Contents
GE Profile CustomStyle
Food preservation features
Storage Drawers and Bins
The deli and fresh produce pans have pocket handles for easy gripping and rollers on the rear to slide forward
and back smoothly.
and Free-Standing Side-by-Side
Deli drawer
Adjust the temperature control on the air tower (right above
the pan) to cold (which will keep the pan at the set refrigerator
temperature), colder (cheese) or coldest (meats) for optimal
food freshness. When set at the "coldest" setting, the pan
temperature will be between 4 and 6 degrees cooler than the
rest of the refrigerator. The seal on the pan helps preserve
foods that prefer a dryer setting, such as cheese.
Note: Drawers with temperature controls can be referred to
as Deli.
Adjustable humidity vegetable/fruit crisper
The gasket-sealed (front and back) pan has adjustable
humidity controls for freshness. Set at low humidity for fruits
and thick-skinned vegetables and at high humidity for leafy
vegetables. Drawers with humidity controls can be referred
to as Crispers or Produce bins.
Sealed pan
This pan will maintain humidity levels since it is gasket-sealed.
The seal reduces air movement to keep foods from drying out.
Freshness Center
(Three-stack drawer system)
Keep your foods fresh in this three-pan stack! The two
separate humidity-controlled environments keep fruits and
vegetables fresh. The adjustable temperature meat pan keeps
your foods up to 5°F cooler. Each shelf is lined with a gasket
at the front and back to ensure a tight seal and the top pan is
covered by a spillproof shelf.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate the
temperature control on the air
tower above the pan.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
the adjustable humidity control
and explain the benefits of
controlling humidity for fruits
and vegetables. An analogy to
illustrate the value of sealed bins
is to point out that as humidity
benefits growing plants, it
likewise helps maintain
freshness in the refrigerator.

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Table of Contents

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