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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 44

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Table of Contents
Appearance features
Food preservation features
Rounded doors with stainless steel
tubular handles
Doors are slightly curved at the corners and side edges to
provide a softer look. Hinges are low profile and allow doors to
open easily within the case.Tubular handles are contemporary
and provide a modern look unique to GE
Dual-level lighting
Two bulbs in the fresh food compartment and one in the
freezer offer excellent visibility.
Upfront temperature controls
Independent controls for both fresh food and freezer sections
allow personalized temperature levels.
Upfront illuminated
temperature controls
Dial controls for both fresh food and freezer
sections are illuminated, giving them a
high-end appearance that is easy to see.
Adjustable humidity crispers
GE clear crispers have easily-adjusted, hidden air portals
located under the top edge. Open, they allow greater air
circulation and lower humidity. Closed, the air circulation is
restricted, holding in higher humidity.

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Table of Contents

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