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Table of Contents
GE Profile Arctica
Convenience features
Built-In Side-by-Side
Soft-touch dispenser
Water and ice (crushed and cubed) is dispensed when the
SoftTouch pad is gently pressed. The pad is designed for
gentle treatment of the finest, most delicate crystal stemware.
Controls on the dispenser include:
–Water filter indicator
–Cubed ice
–Quick Ice
–Crushed ice
Soft-touch dispenser controls
The SoftTouch dispenser has external temperature controls
that can be adjusted without opening the door. Other
convenience features include:
–Display temp (turns off after 10 seconds)
–Child lock (hold down 3 seconds to lock/unlock
–Light (dispenser light On/Off)
–Door alarm (signals if the door is blocked)
Plus filtration
The SmartWater Plus filtration filter is rated for one year of
filtration of ice and water under normal use. Providing bottled
water quality without the bottled water price, this feature gains
in popularity each season. The filter is conveniently located in
the overhead compartment and is removed with a simple twist.
Icemaker with Quick Ice
Quick Ice is designed to produce ice 50% faster than the
normal ice setting. It is ideal when entertaining or during hot
seasons for outdoor activities.
The Icemaker has a European design and a stainless steel
auger to provide years of performance.

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Table of Contents

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