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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 59

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Table of Contents
GE small top-freezer features
Galvanized door
Non-galvanized door
Among 13-17 cu. ft. models,
based on a 2002 survey of
property management
maintenance personnel.
Galvanized door
Provides extra protection
from rust for beauty
that lasts.
Pocket handles
Make reversing doors easy.
Add no additional depth. Just
strap the refrigerator to a
dolly. No replacement parts
are necessary.
Coil-free back/
Allows you to get within 1"
of the wall. The more efficient
cabinet design means that
under normal household
conditions, the coils will
not require cleaning.
Command control
Fiddle-free controls provide
complete temperature
balance. Maintenance is
easy...the temperature
control, defrost timer, light
switch and bulb are encased
in a single housing that's
easily accessible.
E-Z on gasket
Works like a locking plastic
storage bag—pull off, zip on.
Easy to remove. No need to
remove the door and no
realignment is needed.
Durable door system provides
added support for proper
door alignment under heavy
loads. No sagging, warping
or torquing.

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Table of Contents

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