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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 41

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Adjustable slide-out, spillproof shelves
These tempered glass shelves are easily adjusted in 1"
increments, offering maximum usable space and storage
flexibility. They also keep spills in their place! Each shelf can
hold up to 12 oz. of spilled liquid! Slide-out shelves provide
easy access to foods.
Integrated icemaker
The ice bucket and icemaker are integrated in one system, and
not in the freezer basket. This prevents ice from being "raked"
out when the baskets are extended, so no more ice cubes fall
onto the freezer floor.
Some models are available with GE SmartWater Filtration.
This tempered glass shelf quickly slides back at the touch of a
finger to make storing tall or large items easy. It offers vertical
storage flexibility without removing and adjusting the shelf. No
cranks to turn or shelves to remove. Simply slide back.
condenser coils
Condenser coils are encased and don't require cleaning.
Dirt and dust can't collect on the coils, which lowers efficient
running of the motor and energy loss.
Selling Tip: Point out the
lip on the shelf and explain
how it can contain spills for
easy cleanup.
Selling Tip: Invite the customer
to slide back the QuickSpace
shelf and then pull it forward
to demonstrate how easily it
works and how much space
it provides.
Selling Tip: Ask the customer
if they clean under or behind
their refrigerator to keep
coils clean and the refrigerator
operating at maximum
efficiency. The recommended
cleaning is every 4-6 months.
Most people clean coils once or
twice a year, which is usually
insufficient to keep refrigerators
operating at peak performance
and reduce energy use.

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Table of Contents

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