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Contoured Door - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
GE Profile CustomStyle
Appearance features
and Free-Standing Side-by-Side
Contoured door and handles
The subtly contoured exterior provides an elegant look.
Extending only 1" further into the kitchen than a standard
door model, the sleek radius contoured door doesn't take up
too much extra floor space and eliminating the end caps
keeps the look clean. PSF26NGP adds a smooth, contoured
high-gloss finish to the Arctica line.
Seven lights make this refrigerator shine. Four fresh food lights
and two freezer lights make for an easy visual inventory of food
items. With over 320 watts (200 in fresh food, 120 in the
freezer), consumers will love the look and easy visibility.
interior storage
Durable door bins with clear front windows accommodate
gallon containers for quick access to items used most.
The flowing curved lines of both the door bins and the
vegetable/snack pans all reflect the contoured appearance
of the exterior.
Selling Tip: Have customer
remove and replace a deep
door bin to demonstrate how
easily adjustments can be
made. Use gallon jug POP to
demonstrate the space savings
of putting gallon containers on
the door rather than on an
interior shelf.
Compare the look and feel with
other brands. The quality
difference is "clearly" visible.

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Table of Contents

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