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Electronic temperature display touch controls:
Press and release the "warmer" or "colder" touch pad. The
"set" light will illuminate and display the set temperature.
To change the temperature, continue to push either the
"warmer" or "colder" button until the desired
temperature is displayed. Refrigerator temperatures can
be adjusted between 34°F and 44°F and the freezer
temperatures can be adjusted between -6°F and +6°F.
Once the desired temperature has been set, release the
button. The temperature display will return to actual
refrigerator and freezer temperatures after a few seconds.
To turn the unit off, continue to push the "warmer"
button for either the refrigerator or the freezer until the
display shows "OFF". To turn the unit back on, push
the "colder" button for either the refrigerator or freezer.
The set light will illuminate on the side you selected.
Hit "colder" again (on the side where the set light is
illuminated) and it will go to the preset points of 0°F
for the freezer and 37°F for the refrigerator.
Note: Fluctuations in temperature are common in
refrigerators. The actual temperature may fluctuate from
the set temperature depending on the number of door
openings, usage and defrosting. The electronics will
sense these temperature changes and will operate the
cooling system in "high" to return the temperature
to the set points as quickly as possible.
Digital touch controls (Number 0-9)
Press and release the "warmer" or "colder" touch pad
until the display shows the desired number. A "0"
setting on either the fresh food or freezer display will
turn the refrigerator off. A "0" will flash in the window
when the unit is off. "9" is the coldest setting.
Showroom mode (allows demonstration of control
panel without activating the compressor)
1) Press and Hold FZ-Colder & FF-Warmer buttons
(simultaneously) until beeps are sounded.
2) The temperature displays will show ambient
temperatures until warmer or colder buttons are
3) Once temperature controls are pressed—the set
point will appear in the display.
4) To demonstrate CustomCool
the temperature controls to activate the display. You
can then select a CustomCool function.
5) Pan will not cool in showroom mode because the
compressor is not activated.
6) You may hear a fan after the door is open for three
minutes. This fan will prevent the liner from overheating.
7) To get out of showroom mode, simply unplug the
refrigerator and plug it back in.
Note: Once setpoints are changed, they will remain at
the new setpoint until another change is made.
feature, press one of

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Table of Contents

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