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The air inside a refrigerator makes a noticeable difference in foods freshness and flavor. When air is allowed
to flow between the fresh food and freezer compartments, it can affect humidity levels and food
keeping the air flow separate, the ClimateKeeper2 system helps protect food and ice to keep
anything from being wasted.
To further illustrate how ClimateKeeper2 works, it is helpful to compare the air movement inside
the refrigerator to that of conventional refrigeration.
Conventional refrigeration
Air that cools the fresh food area comes directly from
the freezer, as the arrows illustrate.
Cold air circulates through the fresh food compartment
and vents back into the freezer, where it is condensed
before exiting the refrigerator.
As warmer fresh food air enters the freezer, the
warmer air rests on the evaporator requiring additional
defrost cycles to reduce moisture.
This continual warming and freezing causes freezer
burn to frozen foods.
Air that cools the fresh food compartment comes
from the second evaporator dedicated specifically
for the fresh food area.
Air from the fresh food compartment never enters
the freezer or vice versa.
37°F air in the fresh food area holds at least twice
the humidity of 0°F air.
Controlling humidity preserves foods.
Less humidity in the freezer reduces defrost by
20%, keeping frozen foods at their best.
quality. By

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Table of Contents

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