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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 11

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Self-rising hinge
Two air-assisted, self-rising hinges make raising the overhead
compartment easy. After it is raised a couple of inches, the
hinges take over and automatically lift it the rest of the way.
It provides convenient access to the water filter and master
power switch. Most competitive models require the panel
be removed and set aside, which is both inconvenient and
increases damage risks.
Secure-close door system
Door hinges are engineered to automatically pull the door
closed by itself once it is at a 90° angle. This eliminates the
possibility of a door accidentally being left open.
The advanced hinge design also prevents the door from being
slammed shut, eliminating the possibility of jarring door items
or hurting small fingers.
Spillproof glass shelves
These tempered glass, cantilevered shelves are sealed on all
edges to prevent leakage of any spilled fluids onto shelves below.
door bins
Bins hold beverages and condiments conveniently and
securely. Like all Profile Arctica models, the curved wave of
the top edge provides additional security for tall items, as well
as exceptional design appeal.

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Table of Contents

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