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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 33

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Drawer/Pan system
Snack pan Unsealed, clear pan is great for storing loose
items. Holds lunch meats, cheeses and snacks for quick,
easy access.
Fruits and vegetables Gasket-sealed pan with adjustable
humidity control is great for storing fruits and vegetables. Set
humidity level at HIGH for leafy vegetables or LOW for fruits
and thick-skinned vegetables.
Sealed pan (some models): Great for storing leafy vegetables
(high humidity).
Deli fresh (some models): Gasket-sealed pan with adjustable
temperature control is great for storing meats and cheeses.
Set at coldest setting for meats and warmer setting for cheeses.
This adaptive defrost system defrosts only when needed,
using sensors to calculate when defrosting is necessary based
on door openings and internal temperatures.
Prior to a defrost cycle, the freezer temperature is lowered
in a pre-chill cycle which prevents foods from warming up
during defrost.
Electronic icemaker (IM5SS)
The electronic sensor detects water temperature and allows
for a second and third fill of the mold if necessary for more
consistent cube size. The sensor also senses water temperature
during the freezing process and will harvest ice once it's frozen.
This can improve the rate of ice production compared to
previous models which harvested based on time alone. The
icemaker turns on-off by a switch and the feeler arm detects
when the ice drawer is full.
Note: The IM5SS is compatible with older GE refrigerators.
GE SmartWater
Smartwater Plus filtration system
The system filters both ice and water, reducing chlorine, odor,
lead, cysts and provides clean, better-tasting water (tested and
certified by the NSF). And it's easy to replace with no special
tools required. There's no need to turn off the water. Simply turn
the filter to the left to remove. A check valve stops water flow
and prevents leakage. Insert the new filter and turn to the right.
Selling Tip: Demonstrate
humidity control on fresh
produce pan and explain
the benefits of humidity
control when storing fruits
and vegetables.

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Table of Contents

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