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Freezer Baskets - GE profile artica Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Adjustable humidity crispers
These drawers are sealed to hold in moisture, allowing fruits
and vegetables to be stored in an ideal environment.
Snack drawer
The snack drawer is designed to hold less moisture than the
crispers and is ideal for cheeses and other snacks.
Unlike most Profile models, the snack drawer is placed in
the lowest position, making it easier for younger children to
access and allowing the crispers to be positioned higher for
adult access.
This adaptive defrost system defrosts only when needed,
using sensors to calculate when defrosting is necessary
based on door openings and internal temperatures.
Prior to a defrost cycle, the freezer temperature is lowered
in a pre-chill cycle which prevents foods from warming up
during defrost.
Convenience features
Extra-deep freezer baskets
Because the evaporator is not located behind the freezer
baskets, the traditional "hump" in the back of the freezer wall
has been eliminated. This allows the freezer baskets to be
extra deep, providing even more storage. The two bottom
baskets slide out for convenient access.

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Table of Contents

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