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Food preservation features
CustomStyle food preservation reaches new heights in 2004 with the introduction of ClimateKeeper2
models. Other models feature ClimateKeeper—The Best Temperature Management System You Can Buy.
ClimateKeeper system
The ClimateKeeper system always has three critical features—digital electronic controls, electronic temperature sensors
and a multiflow air tower. The ClimateKeeper system is only available on Profile built-in, CustomStyle, traditional style
side-by-side, bottom-freezer and top-freezer models.
Digital electronic upfront controls
Upfront controls allow for easy access. Controls are preset
at the factory at 37°F for fresh food and 0°F for the freezer.
However, temperatures can be adjusted between 34°F and
44°F for fresh food and between -6°F and +6°F for the
freezer. Electronic controls allow for independent temperature
control of the fresh food and freezer compartments which
results in less severe temperature fluctuations. The Arctica
display shows the actual temperature for more precise
food preservation.
Electronic sensors
Five sensors electronically monitor fresh food and freezer
temperatures. Two are located in the fresh food compartment,
two in the freezer (one visible) and one in the CustomCool
pan. Temperature readings are transmitted to the main control
board and compressor operation, fan speeds, and defrost
cycles are determined based on these readings of consistent,
precise temperatures.
Multiflow air system
Located in the back of the fresh food compartment, the air
tower is part of the airflow system and delivers cool air to
different levels of the compartment.
on select
Selling Tip: Invite customer to
adjust the controls. Many foods
and medications require specific
temperature storage and
ClimateKeeper delivers.
Selling Tip: Point out
electronic sensors in the fresh
food compartment. They are
easily visible on the mullion side
(covered by a small grate).
Selling Tip: Point to air tower
in the back of the fresh food
compartment. Highlight air vents
and explain the benefits of even
air distribution. Be sure to point
out that the ClimateKeeper
system is the best temperature
management system you can buy!

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Table of Contents

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