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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 63

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Fresh food door support systems (continued)
top-freezer support
These vertical, metal rods are structural door supports that
reinforce the wide, CustomStyle top-freezer fresh food door.
They ensure a tight door seal and allow for gallon door storage
and extra support to hold wood panels
CustomStyle Top-Freezers
Side-by-side foamed-in structural door support
A foamed-in-place structural door support reinforces the door
for added support and allows for gallon door storage and
wood panels.
GE Side-by-Sides (except L, M, N and some derivative series)
Heavy-duty center hinge system
The hinge is factory-set for proper door alignment. It ensures
that the fresh food door seals securely and opens and closes
smoothly—for years to come! It helps support heavier door
loads and keeps the door aligned. This heavy-duty center hinge
system contributes to long-lasting GE quality and durability.
All Top-Freezers
Foamed-in door liners
Foamed-in door liners add additional door support and
save energy!
Large Top-Freezers (19-25 cu. ft. excluding CustomStyle)
GE Side-by-Sides (L series and some derivative series)
Arctica Side-by-Sides
Selling Tip: Explain the door
supports and foam insulation
to reinforce your customer's
perception of the quality and
value built in.
Selling Tip: Some
manufacturers use plastic
center hinges. A gallon of
milk weighs 8.3 lbs. Ask your
customer to calculate the
weight the door could hold
based on the number of
gallons you can load on
a door.
Selling Tip: Squeeze door liner
to feel rigidity.

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Table of Contents

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