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GE profile artica Owner's Manual page 57

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Convenience features
Spillproof cantilevered shelves
These tempered glass shelves easily adjust in 1" increments,
offering maximum usable space and storage flexibility.
Cleanup is simple too. The shelves will hold up to 12 oz.
of spilled liquids.
Adjustable gallon door bins
Durable door bins will accommodate gallon containers for
quick access to items used most. (Models 22 cu. ft. and
larger will accommodate two one-gallon containers.)
Thumbwheel dials
Turn knobs to desired number. They come preset from the
factory at 5 for fresh food and 5 for freezer. To turn the unit
off, adjust the knobs to "0".
Internal water dispenser with
GE SmartWater
Conveniently located inside the fresh food compartment, the
internal water dispenser puts refreshing water well within reach.
Consumers can enjoy the benefits of bottled water without the
bottled-water expense. SmartWater filtration system delivers
clean, fresh-tasting water through the internal water dispenser.
Selling Tip: Explain the benefits
of easy cleanup by pointing
to the lip on the shelf and
explaining how it catches spills.
Selling Tip: Have customer
remove and replace a door
bin to demonstrate how easily
adjustments can be made. Use
gallon jug POP to demonstrate
the space savings of putting
gallon containers on the door
rather than on an interior shelf.
Selling Tip: In its easy-to-reach
position, the location of the
Internal Water Dispenser is
ideal. GE SmartWater can
eliminate the need to purchase
bottled water.

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Table of Contents

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