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• Only use the supplied power adaptor for this device. Do not use for other
• Only use power adaptor with 4.5 V (
damage to the device.
Disconnect from mains power supply during longer periods of non-use.
Battery Operation
You also have the option of operating the unit with 3 Type R6 "AA" batteries.
1. Open the battery compartment (7) at the bottom.
2. Insert 3 R6 "AA" batteries 1.5 V. Mind the correct polarity (indicated on the
bottom of the battery case)!
3. Close the battery case.
4. If the device is not used for an extended period of time, remove the batteries
from the device to avoid any leaking of battery acid.
• Never use different battery types or new and used batteries together.
• Batteries must not be disposed of in the garbage. Please bring used batteries
to competent collection centers or back to the dealer.
Never expose batteries to high temperatures or direct sunlight or throw batteries
into fire for danger of explosion!
Setting and storing stations
1. Press the RADIO button (9), to switch the unit to radio mode. The radio symbol
and the current frequency appear in the display (2).
2. If you want to store a station, select a memory location by pressing the CHNEL
button (5).
3. Press the CH+ button (6) or CH- button (10), to set a station. The correspond-
ing frequency is shown in the display.
4. To store the station you have found, hold the CHNEL button down, until you
hear a signal. The station is now stored to the preselected memory location.
), other adaptors may cause



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