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First Use of the Device/Introduction
• Select a proper place for the device such as a dry, and even non slip area where
you can easily operate the device.
• Make sure the device is vented sufficiently!
• If still in place, remove the protection foil from the display.
Inserting the batteries (Backup)
(Batteries are not included with the device)
In case of a power cut or if the device is unplugged, with batteries inserted, the
settings will be kept.
1. Open the battery compartment (7) at the bottom.
2. Insert 2 AG13 batteries 1.5 V. Mind the correct polarity (indicated on the bot-
tom of the battery case)!
3. Close the battery case.
4. If the device is not used for an extended period of time, remove the batteries
from the device to avoid any leaking of battery acid.
• Never use different battery types or new and used batteries together.
• Batteries must not be disposed of in the garbage. Please bring used batteries
to competent collection centers or back to the dealer.
Never expose batteries to high temperatures or direct sunlight or throw batteries
into fire for danger of explosion!
Power supply (Adaptor)
• Insert the grid plug into a properly installed three prong socket with 230 V,
50 Hz. Connect the device with the plug connector by inserting its plug into
the DC 4.5 V jack of the device.
• Make sure the grid voltage corresponds to the figures on the rating plate.
• If no backup battery is inserted, time and station settings will be deleted during
a power failure or when disconnecting from mains power supply.



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