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Live Call Screening (lcs); Two-way Recording Into The Vps - Panasonic KX-TDA50 Feature Manual

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Before recording a Two-way telephone conversation, you should inform the other party that the
conversation will be recorded.
VPS Data Control by the PBX
The date and time settings of the VPS are controlled by the PBX.
Remote FWD Setting by the VM
Extension FWD settings can be programmed using the VPS.
This feature may not be supported depending on the software version of the VPS.
Voice Mail (VM) Transfer Button
A flexible button can be customized as the Voice Mail (VM) Transfer button with the floating extension
number of the VM group as the parameter.

[Live Call Screening (LCS)]

If an SLT is connected in parallel to a PT, and if LCS is activated for the PT in Private mode, both the PT
and SLT can be used to monitor calls while in idle status. The SLT will ring to indicate a message is being
recorded. The call can be monitored with the SLT by going off-hook. To intercept the call, press FLASH/
RECALL button or flash the hookswitch. (® 13.1.2 Paralleled Telephone)
LCS Button
A flexible button can be customized as the LCS button.
Extension Personal Identification Number (PIN)
To prevent unauthorized monitoring, it is recommended the LCS user assign an extension PIN. This PIN
will be required when setting LCS (® 5.1.6 Extension PIN (Personal Identification Number)). If the user
forgets the PIN, it can be cleared by an extension assigned as the manager.
Each extension can be programmed to either end recording or continue recording the conversation after
the call is intercepted, through personal programming (LCS Mode Set [After Answering]).
6.1 [4-1-1] Wired Extension—Extension Settings—Option 4—
6.10 [4-2-1] Portable Station—Extension Settings—Option 4—
To use the LCS feature on a PS in Wireless XDP Parallel Mode, LCS can only be turned on or off from the
wired telephone. In Wireless XDP Parallel Mode, setting LCS on/off from the PS has no effect. (®
20.1.4 Wireless XDP Parallel Mode)

[Two-way Recording into the VPS]

Two-way Record/Two-way Transfer Button
A flexible button can be customized as the Two-way Record or the Two-way Transfer button. An extension
number can be assigned to the Two-way Transfer button so that it can be used as a one-touch record
button for the mailbox of the specified extension. (One-touch Two-way Transfer Button).
When all of the VPS ports are busy:
Pressing the Two-way Record button sends a warning tone
Pressing the Two-way Transfer button followed by an extension number sends a warning tone.
[Transferring to a Mailbox of the VPS]
When transferring a CO line call to a mailbox of the VPS, users should use the VM Transfer button.
If using a standard Transfer button, users must dial "#6" after accessing the VPS, and confirm that the
desired mailbox has been reached, before going on-hook to complete the transfer.
PC Programming Manual References
4.4 [2-3] Timers & Counters—Dial / IRNA / Recall / Tone—
Document Version 2010-11
19.1.4 Voice Mail DPT (Digital) Integration
LCS Recording Mode
LCS Recording Mode
Recall—Transfer Recall
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