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Account Code Entry; Absent Message - Panasonic KX-TDA50 Feature Manual

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[008] Absent Message

Feature Manual References
21.1 Capacity of System Resources
Operating Manual References
1.3.1 Absent Message
3.1.2 Personal Programming

1.1.2 Account Code Entry

An account code is used to identify outgoing CO line calls for accounting and billing purposes. The account
code is appended to the Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) call record. For example, a firm can use
an account code for each client to determine which calls were made for which client, and can submit a bill to
the client according to the client's account code as shown on the SMDR call record.
There are two methods of entering account codes explained below.
One of the methods is selected for each extension based on Class of Service (COS) programming.
An account code can be stored in Memory Dialing (One-touch Dialing, for example).
Account Button
A flexible button can be customized as the Account button. The Account button is used in place of the
feature number for entering an account code. This button is useful because it can be used at any time,
while feature number entry is allowed only when hearing a dial tone before seizing a CO line.
Extension users can enter an account code at any time during a call, including after the call has been
disconnected and a reorder tone is heard. However, if an account code is entered after there is no longer
a reorder tone, the call will not be stored in the SMDR record.
If an account code is entered more than once, the code entered last is logged in the SMDR.
Even in Forced mode, emergency numbers can be dialed without an account code. (® 5.1.2 Emergency
Proprietary telephone (PT) users can also enter an account code for incoming CO line calls during a
Verification Code Entry
To identify who made a CO line call for accounting and billing purposes, a verification code can be used.
This code can be used at any extension. (® 19.1.1 Verification Code Entry)
Document Version 2010-11
An extension user can enter an account code, but is not required to.
An extension user must always enter an account code before seizing
a CO line.
1.1.2 Account Code Entry
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