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Itemized Billing Code - Panasonic KX-TDA50 Feature Manual

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Itemized Billing Code

An Itemized Billing Code can be assigned for each extension and for each verification code.
If a call is not made from an extension, such as via Direct Inward System Access (DISA) or TIE line, and
no verification code is used, the Itemized Billing Code assigned to location 1 in the Verification Code Table
will be used.
6.1 [4-1-1] Wired Extension—Extension Settings—Option 1—
6.10 [4-2-1] Portable Station—Extension Settings—Option 1—
8.3 [6-3] Verification Code—
The software contained in the ARS feature to allow user access to the network must be upgraded to
recognize newly established network area codes and exchange codes as they are placed into service.
Failure to upgrade the premises PBXs or peripheral equipment to recognize the new codes as they are
established will restrict the customer and the customer's employees from gaining access to the network
and to these codes.
Logging Outgoing Calls by SMDR
Whether SMDR logs the user-dialed number or the ARS-modified number is determined through system
ARS Data Import/Export
ARS tables and data can be copied to and from the PBX and a PC using the Maintenance Console software.
Files are saved in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format. Because of the large amounts of programming
that may be necessary to use ARS effectively, you may choose to export ARS tables and data to a PC,
edit them using the software of your choosing, then import the new data to the PBX. This is particularly
convenient if you need to update your ARS tables for new area codes or telephone rates, or when you'd
like to copy ARS tables from one PBX to another.
2.5.8 Tool—Import
2.5.9 Tool—Export
Toll Restriction (TRS) checks are performed before ARS number modification, so program TRS Denied
Code Tables and Exception Code Tables accordingly. (® 17.1.6 TRS (Toll Restriction))
When ARS Routing Takes Place
ARS routing takes place after the preprogrammed number of digits (leading number + additional number
of digits) have been dialed.
PC Programming Manual References
2.5.8 Tool—Import
→ARS - Leading Digit
→ARS - Except Code
→ARS - Routing Plan
2.5.9 Tool—Export
4.4 [2-3] Timers & Counters—Dial / IRNA / Recall / Tone—
4.17 [2-9] System Options—Option 3—
6.1 [4-1-1] Wired Extension—Extension Settings—Option 2—
6.10 [4-2-1] Portable Station—Extension Settings—Option 2—
8.3 [6-3] Verification Code—
Section 10 [8] ARS
13.1 [11-1] Main—SMDR—
Document Version 2010-11
Itemized Billing Code for ARS
Dial Tone—Dial Tone for ARS
Itemized Billing Code for ARS
SMDR Options—ARS Dial
1.1.3 ARS (Automatic Route Selection)
ARS Itemized Code
ARS Itemized Code
Dial—Extension Inter-digit
ARS Itemized Code
ARS Itemized Code
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