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17.1.6 TRS (Toll Restriction)
If ARS is applied to a dialed number, TRS will check the user-dialed number, not the modified number
produced by ARS. You do not need to program ARS-modified numbers in any of the TRS Tables.
Additionally, when using ARS, TRS will ignore the Host PBX Access code or Special Carrier Access code.
Dialing Digit Restriction during Conversation
TRS can also limit the number of digits which may be dialed by an extension user while the user is engaged
on a received CO line call. If the number of dialed digits exceeds the limit, the line will be disconnected.
9.5 [7-5] Miscellaneous—
It is possible to select through system programming whether the CO line is disconnected when the
Inter-digit time expires without the TRS check being completed.
9.5 [7-5] Miscellaneous—
If no disconnection is chosen, the TRS check will also be performed after the Inter-digit time expires.
If disconnection is chosen, the line will be disconnected when the CO line Inter-digit time expires. This
also prevents EFA from being used.
This setting applies to all CO lines.
When one of the following features is used, the TRS level of the extension can be temporarily changed. If
two or more of these features are used simultaneously (Dial Tone Transfer is used while the extension is
locked, for example), the TRS level of the feature with the highest priority is applied for the duration of the
call. The numbers below (1 through 4) indicate the priority of each feature, with 1 having the highest priority,
and 4 having the lowest.
Dial Tone Transfer (® 4.1.4 Dial Tone Transfer)
TRS Override by System Speed Dialing
Verification Code Entry/Walking COS (® 19.1.1 Verification Code Entry, ® 20.1.1 Walking COS)
Extension Dial Lock (® 5.1.4 Extension Dial Lock)
PC Programming Manual References
4.11 [2-7-1] Class of Service—COS Settings—TRS
TRS Level—Day, Lunch, Break, Night
TRS Level for System Speed Dialing
6.1 [4-1-1] Wired Extension—Extension Settings—Main—
6.5 [4-1-4] Wired Extension—Flexible Button
Parameter Selection (for TRS Level Change)
6.10 [4-2-1] Portable Station—Extension Settings—Main—
6.13 [4-2-3] Portable Station—Flexible Button
Parameter Selection (for TRS Level Change)
6.18 [4-3] DSS Console
Parameter Selection (for TRS Level Change)
9.1 [7-1] Denied Code
9.2 [7-2] Exception Code
9.3 [7-3] Special Carrier
9.5 [7-5] Miscellaneous
PT Programming Manual References
[300] TRS Override by System Speed Dialing
[301] TRS Denied Code
[302] TRS Exception Code
[501] TRS Level
[509] TRS Level for System Speed Dialing
[602] Class of Service
Feature Manual
Dial Digits Limitation After Answering—Dial Digits
Mode when Dial Time-out before TRS Check
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