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Icd Group Features-log-in/log-out - Panasonic KX-TDA50 Feature Manual

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9.1.3 ICD Group Features—Log-in/Log-out
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
When a KX-TDA6920, KX-TDA0920 or KX-TDA5920 SD Memory Card for Software Upgrade to
Enhanced Version is installed in the PBX, and the distribution type is set to Uniform Call Distribution,
it is possible to select whether incoming calls are distributed to idle extensions evenly in order (UCD),
or to the extension that has been idle the longest (ACD).
ACD does not work for PS Ring Groups.
FWD/DND Extension
System programming for each incoming call distribution group is required to skip or ring extensions which
have the FWD or DND feature set. If set to ring, the FWD/DND settings are ignored. (® 4.1.9 DND (Do
Not Disturb), ® 6.1.6 FWD (Call Forwarding))
The Group Call Waiting feature cannot be used with the VIP Call feature (® 9.1.8 ICD Group Features—
VIP Call) and/or Wrap-up feature (® 9.1.3 ICD Group Features—Log-in/Log-out). To use the VIP Call
feature and/or Wrap-up feature, Call Waiting mode on each extension should be off.
PC Programming Manual References
5.1 [3-1-1] Trunk Group—TRG Settings—Main—
5.12 [3-5-1] Incoming Call Distribution Group—Group Settings
Distribution Method
Call Waiting Distribution
5.15 [3-5-3] Incoming Call Distribution Group—Miscellaneous—
(Activation Key Required)
5.13 [3-5-1] Incoming Call Distribution Group—Group Settings—Member List—
PT Programming Manual References
[621] Incoming Call Distribution Group Delayed Ringing
[624] Incoming Call Distribution Group Distribution Method
[632] Maximum Number of Agents
9.1.3 ICD Group Features—Log-in/Log-out
Members of an incoming call distribution group can join (Log-in) or leave (Log-out) the group manually.
They can leave the group temporarily when they are away from their desks, to prevent calls being sent to their
extensions. They can return to the group when they are ready to answer calls.
While logged in, a member extension can have a preprogrammed time period automatically for refusing calls
after completing the previous call (Wrap-up time). While the Wrap-up timer is active, calls to all incoming call
distribution groups to which the extension belongs will skip the extension so that the extension user can perform
necessary tasks such as reporting on the previous call.
Wrap-up mode can also be activated manually (Not Ready) by pressing the Wrap-up button.
Feature Manual
Extension No Answer Redirection Time
Maximum No. of Busy Extension
Line Hunting Order
Options—Longest Idle Distribution
Delayed Ring
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