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13.1.28 PS—Ring Group
Each member of a PS ring group must be a PS, but each member does not need to be in range of the
same CS. When a call is directed to a PS ring group, all CSs connected to the PBX will try to ring members
of the group.
PS ring groups do not have Log-in or Log-out features. There is no way for a PS to log-in to or log-out from
a PS ring group.
A PS ring group may be assigned as a member of an ICD group, but the PS ring group cannot log-in to or
log-out from an ICD group. The PS ring group (and therefore its members) will always be logged-in.
When a PS is assigned to a PS ring group, the following settings are used if it receives a call directly, but
are disregarded when it receives a group call:
Delayed Ringing (All PSs will ring simultaneously.)
The incoming call display preference assigned to the PS through system programming.
Features set on the PS, such as Call Forwarding (FWD). Note, however, that if a PS user has set Do
Not Disturb (DND), that PS will not ring for group calls either.
When a call is directed to a PS ring group, the PBX will try to ring the group's members regardless of
whether or not they are already on another call. If all members of a PS ring group are busy when the group
is called, their PSs will not ring but the caller will hear a ringback tone.
A PS ring group will only ring one call at a time on its member PSs. If a PS ring group is ringing one call
when another call is directed to the group, the group will appear busy to the caller. If a call is directed to a
specific PS within the group in this situation and the PS is available to answer calls, the PS will ring as
For KX-TDA100/KX-TDA200/KX-TDA600 only
Although each CS has three channels (i.e., can handle three conversations at once), the PBX will ring calls
for only two PS ring groups at a time. In other words, if two calls directed to two different PS ring groups
are ringing, no other PS ring group calls will ring until one of the other ringing calls is answered. This leaves
one CS channel available for other calls.
If a PS in a PS ring group has set the DND feature for CO line calls, the PS will not ring for CO line calls
as well as intercom calls directed to the group.
Compatible PSs
The following PSs can be assigned to PS ring groups:
PC Programming Manual References
5.12 [3-5-1] Incoming Call Distribution Group—Group Settings—Main—
5.24 [3-9] PS Ring Group
5.25 [3-9] PS Ring Group—Member List
PT Programming Manual References
[620] Incoming Call Distribution Group Member
Feature Manual References
4.1.9 DND (Do Not Disturb)
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