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Special installations (Wall hanging)

3.4.2 Wall hanging

This display may be wall-mounted. Since this form of mounting affects ventilation patterns inside, observe the following
1 When mounting plate metal, avoid blocking any ventilation holes. Use plate metal of the size indicated in the
following drawing.
2 Provide space for adequate ventilation between the wall and the display.
3 Use plate metal having sufficient strength (with a safety factor of approximately four), and attach at four points (4-
point mounting) as shown below. Since wall installations involve certain hazards, always follow double-safety
4 The following table lists proper operating temperatures. Use the display within the listed range of outside air
5 Keep deformation of the display to 1 mm, including twisting and bending.
Clearance A to the wall
100 mm or more
50 mm or more
Less than 100 mm
0 to less than 50 mm
<Ver. 2.1>
75mm 75mm
Do not block this area at either the top or bottom.
Operating temperatures
0 to 40 °C
0 to 40 °C (Animation)
0 to 35 °C (Still)
0 to 30 °C
694 mm (center indicated)
When this display is used with its back surface close to the
wall, interior temperatures will rise. The inner sensor is
activated at approximately 30 °C. Luminance decreases by 30%
and fan speed increases.
75mm 75mm


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