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Mask Color Select/off When Ntsc Is Input; Functions; Setting Method; Precautions - Pioneer PDP-V401 Technical Manual

Plasma display.
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6.2 Mask color select/off when NTSC is input

6.2.1 Functions

This function selects black or gray mask (MASK GRAY/BLACK) processing for approximately 10 lines at the top or
bottom of the screen, or reproduction of images (MASK OFF) for the whole screen (480 lines).
This function is factory-set to MASK ON (black) state.
Mask approxi-
mately 10 lines at
both top and
bottom (black or

6.2.2 Setting method

The mask can be set by an RS232C command or in integrator mode.
• Setting by RS232C commands
Activate the RS232C adjusting mode, and then:
Sending the <NMG> command will set the gray mask.
Sending the <NMB> command will set the black mask.
Sending the <NMN> command will turn off the mask.
For setting in integrator mode, see page 123.

6.2.3 Precautions

• If masked display is used for extended periods, the unmasked and masked areas of the display may begin to exhibit
slightly different display characteristics, as a result of varying rates of phosphor deterioration.
For example, on a masked display receiving NTSC signals that rarely displays a full-screen 480 lines, the top and
bottom masked sections will experience no phosphor deterioration, resulting in possible differences in luminance
and white-balance from the image area.
• Depending on the input source, the display may exhibit some anomalies when the mask is removed, such as a
wavering display at the top on the screen.
Mask color select/off when NTSC is input
Images are
displayed on the
entire screen
(480 lines).
<Ver. 2.1>


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