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(3) Connecting to the stereo amplifier
1. Turn off power to the stereo amplifier.
2. Use the supplied speaker cables to connect the input terminal of the speaker system to the speaker output terminal
of the stereo amplifier.
The polarity of the input terminal is plus (+) for red (terminal to the right of the following figure) and negative (–) for
black (terminal to the left of the following figure).
1 Strip the proper amount of insulation
and twist the cable ends together.
• After connecting to the terminal, lightly tug the cable to confirm that the cable is correctly connected to the terminal.
Incomplete connections will lead to sound interruptions or signal noise.
• If the core of the cable pulls out and the + wires and the – wires are short-circuited, the stereo amplifier will be
subjected to excessive load, shutting it down or leading to system failure.
• Connecting the stereo amplifier with right or left speaker system polarities (+ or –) connected to the wrong pole will
result in insufficient bass or unstable tones that prevent normal stereo effects.
(4) Cabinet maintenance
• Wipe off dirt and dust with a polishing cloth or dry cloth.
• If the cabinet is very dirty, use a soft cloth moistened with detergent diluted by a factor of 5 to 6, and use a dry cloth
to remove moisture. Do not use furniture wax or cleaners, as these chemicals may damage and discolor the surface.
• Application of thinner, benzene, or spray pesticides may damage or discolor the surface.
• When using a chemical cleaning cloth, make sure you have thoroughly read the precaution sheet supplied with the
Mounting standard metal fixtures (PDP-S01-LR)
2 Depress the lever, insert the stripped portion
of the cable into the exposed opening, and
release the lever to clamp the cable in place.
· terminal ª terminal
To the · pole.
(Speaker output terminal of the stereo amplifier)
To the ª pole.
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