Pioneer PDP-502MXE Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer corporation operating instructions plasma display pdp-502mxe
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Plasma Display
Operating Instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Pioneer PDP-502MXE

  • Page 1 Plasma Display PDP-502MXE Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 English If you would like to view a video signal with this unit, please make the necessary connections to the optional video box, PDA-5001.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    • Do not place on its side • Do not place it upside down • If planning special installation such as fitting close to the wall, placing it horizontally, etc., be sure to consult your Pioneer dealer first. <ARE1350> En...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Even in the case of luminance, which is difficult to keep consistent with the level of definition, using originally developed PIONEER technology for optimization, top level luminance has been achieved at this definition. ¶ Realization of thin 9.8 cm unit depth while retaining...
  • Page 6: Before Proceeding

    Before Proceeding How to Use This Manual This manual is set up to follow the course of actions and operations in the order that would seem most logical for someone setting up this unit. Once the unit has been taken out of the box, and it has been confirmed that all the parts have been received, it may be beneficial to look over the section “Part Names and Functions”...
  • Page 7: Checking Supplied Accessories

    Checking supplied accessories Check that the following accessories were supplied. Remote control unit AA (R6) batteries x 2 Cleaning cloth (for wiping front panel) Speed clamp x 2 Bead band x 2 Before Proceeding Display stand x 2 Washer (large) x 2 Washer (small) x 2 Hex hole bolt x 2 Remote control unit case...
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and Functions Main unit Main unit Main unit Display stand Remote control sensor Point the remote control toward the remote sensor to operate the unit (page 23). Operation panel on the main unit STANDBY/ON indicator This indicator is red during standby mode, and turns to green when the unit is in the operation mode (page 14).
  • Page 9: Remote Control Unit

    Remote control unit STANDBY/ON button Press to put the unit in operation or standby mode (page 14). INPUT buttons Use to select the input (page 14). MENU button Press to open and close the on-screen menu (pages 13 to 21). ADJUST (5/∞/3/2) buttons Use to navigate menu screens and to adjust various settings on the unit.
  • Page 10: Connection Panel

    DO NOT MAKE ANY CONNECTIONS TO THESE TERMINALS. These terminals are used in the factory setup. CONTROL IN/OUT For connection of PIONEER components that bear the Î mark. Making CONTROL connection enables control of this unit as a component in a system (page 11).
  • Page 11 75 j2.2k [ON SYNC] INPUT3 [H/V SYNC] INPUT3 For connection of a personal computer (page 10). Synchronizing signal impedance selector switch Depending on the connections made at INPUT3, it may be necessary to set this switch to match the output impedance of the personal computer’s synchronization signal.
  • Page 12: Installation And Connections

    Installation and Connections Installation of the unit Installation using the supplied display stand Be sure to fix the supplied stand to the installation surface. Use commercially available M8 bolts that are 25 mm longer than the thickness of the installation surface. 1 Fix the supplied stand to the installation surface at each of the 4 prepared holes using commercially available M8 bolts .
  • Page 13 PIONEER stand or installation bracket (sold separately) ÷ When possible, please install using parts and accessories manufactured by PIONEER. PIONEER will not he held responsible for accident or damage caused by the use of parts and accessories manufactured by other companies.
  • Page 14: Connection To A Personal Computer

    Installation and Connections Connection to a personal computer Connection method differs depending on the computer type. When connecting, please thoroughly read the computer’s instruction manual. Before making connections, be sure to make sure that the personal computer’s power and this unit’s main power is off.
  • Page 15: Audio Connections

    Installation and Connections Control cord connection When control cord connections are made, remote control operation of connected PIONEER components that bear the Î logo mark is done through the remote sensor on this unit. When the connection is made to the CONTROL IN jack on another unit, the remote sensor of that component will no longer receive signals.
  • Page 16: Power Cord Connection

    Installation and Connections Power cord connection Connect a power cord after all component connections have been completed. PDP-502MXE power cord ratings Cord ... Cross-sectional area 3 x 1.0 mm (According to CEE 13) Connector ... 10 A, 250 V (According to EN60320 Sheet C13) Plug ...
  • Page 17: Setting Up The System

    Setting Up the System Setup after connection After components have been connected to INPUT3 or INPUT4, on-screen setup is necessary. Follow the procedure described below and make settings as they apply to the type of components connected. Switch MAIN POWER on the connection panel to the on position to turn on the unit’s main power.
  • Page 18: Operations

    Operations Selecting an input source This section explains the basic operation of this unit. Outlined on the following pages is how to turn the main power on and off, put this unit in the operation or standby mode and how to select connected components. Note INPUT1 and INPUT2 on the remote control unit can only be used when the optional video box, PDA-5001, is connected to this unit.
  • Page 19: To Adjust The Volume

    To adjust the volume STANDBY SCREEN MUTING SIZE INPUT VIDEO VOL +/– (BNC) (D-sub) DISPLAY MENU Use VOL + or VOL – to adjust the volume of the connected speakers. To mute the sound STANDBY SCREEN MUTING MUTING SIZE INPUT VIDEO (BNC) (D-sub)
  • Page 20: Screen Size Selection

    Operations Screen size selection Changing the screen size The size of the picture or the picture’s range projected on the screen can be changed between 4 screen sizes described in the table on this page. Press SCREEN SIZE to select the size. The screen size changes each time SCREEN SIZE on the remote control, or SIZE on the unit is pressed as follows.
  • Page 21: Power Save

    POWER SAVE Using the POWER SAVE function of this unit, the power mode can be automatically put in standby mode when a video or computer signal has not been detected. (An indication will appear on the screen before the standby mode is engaged). Press MENU to display the menu screen.
  • Page 22: Display Panel Adjustments

    Display Panel Adjustments Adjusting the picture quality Press MENU to display the menu screen. Press 5/∞ to select PICTURE, then press 3. M A I N M E N U P I C T U R E C O N T R A S T S C R E E N B R I G H T A L L...
  • Page 23: Adjusting The Display Image

    Adjusting the display image Press MENU to display the menu screen. Press 5/∞ to select SCREEN, then press 3. M A I N M E N U P I C T U R E H . P O S I . S C R E E N V .
  • Page 24: Making The Pc Image Brighter (Abl)

    Display Panel Adjustments Making the PC image brighter (ABL) Set this mode to “ON” to brighten the image during PC signal input. When ABL is set to “ON”, the brightness of the image will change according to changes in the input signal.
  • Page 25: Making The Pc Image Clearer (H/V Enhance)

    Making the PC image clearer (H/V ENHANCE) Adjust H/V ENHANCE to view a clear image during PC signal input. Press MENU to display the menu screen. The menu screen appears. Press 5/∞ to select SET UP, then press SET. M A I N M E N U P I C T U R E S C R E E N...
  • Page 26: Additional Information

    Additional Information Cleaning Regular cleaning will extend the life and performance of this unit. The recommended way to clean the display and related parts is described below. Before cleaning, be sure to unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Cleaning the display panel body and remote control Do not under any circumstances use solvents such as...
  • Page 27: Operating Range Of The Remote Control Unit

    Operating range of the remote control unit When operating the remote control unit, point it at the remote sensor (Î) located on the front panel of the main unit. The remote control unit is operable up to 23 feet (7 m) from the unit and within a 30 angle on each side of the sensor.
  • Page 28 Additional Information Problems commonly mistaken as breakdown Problem • The screen is displayed in a • Check the input signal compatibility chart (page 26). small size. • Is the correct screen size selected? (page 16) • Letter breakup on screen. •...
  • Page 29: Specifications

    CAUTION Panel sticking and after-image • Displaying the same images such as still images for a long time may cause after-image lagging. This may occur in the following two cases. 1. After-image lagging due to remaining electrical load When image patterns with very high peak luminance are displayed for more than 1 minute, after-image lagging may occur due to the remaining electric load.
  • Page 30: Supplement 1

    Additional Information Supplement 1 PC signal compatibilty table (INPUT3, INPUT4) Resolution Vertical Horizontal (Dot x Line) frequency frequency 24.8kHz 56.4Hz 640x400 31.5kHz 70.1Hz 31.5kHz 640x480 60Hz 35.0kHz 66.7Hz 37.9kHz 72Hz 37.5kHz 75Hz 85Hz 43.3kHz 35.2kHz 800 x600 56Hz 60Hz 37.9kHz 72Hz 48.1kHz 75Hz...
  • Page 31: Supplement 2

    Supplement 2 Signal assignment of INPUT 4 (Mini D-sub 15 pin socket connector) 15 11 Pin No. Input NC (No connection) NC (No connection) DDC + 5V NC (No connection) NC (no connection) DDC SDA NC (No connection) HD or H/V SYNC DDC SCL NC (No connection) Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Page 32 Faites toujours réaliser le montage et l’installation par un spécialiste ou par votre revendeur. PIONEER ne peut être tenu responsable pour tout dommage causé par une erreur d’installation ou de montage, une mauvaise utilisation ou un désastre naturel.
  • Page 33: Pioneer Corporation

    <99G0000000> <ARE1350> En 253 Alexandra Road #04-01, Singapore, 159936, TEL: 65-472-1111 Pioneer House Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Slough SL2 4QP , U.K., TEL:44-1753-789-789 178-184 Boundary Road,Braeside, Victoria 3195, Australia, TEL:61-39-586-6300 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore, 159936, TEL:65-472-1111 Published by Pioneer Corporation.