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Handling Standard Metal Fixtures; Precautions On Handling Metal Fixtures; Precautions For Vendors Performing The Installation - Pioneer PDP-V401 Technical Manual

Plasma display.
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4.2 Handling standard metal fixtures

4.2.1 Precautions on handling metal fixtures

This chapter describes how to install and handle metal fixtures specially designed for plasma displays sold by us,
PIONEER. We sell this unit on the premise that it will be installed by specialist vendors with sufficient technical skill.
The plasma display must be installed by a specialist in this work or by the dealer from which you made your purchase.

4.2.2 Precautions for vendors performing the installation

1) Before installation
Strictly observe the instructions in "3.1 Installation environment".
2) Installation
Thoroughly read the contents of this chapter and observe the instructions.
For safety, make sure the work is performed by more than one person.
"Sufficient strength to withstand" means sufficient strength to withstand a weight four times that of the main body
including the metal fixture.
3) After installation
After installing the metal fixture, check it for strength and make sure there are no loose screws. When the plasma
display is mounted, check the installation again.
4) Delivery to the customer
(1) Precautions on operation
¶ Precautions
After finishing the above checks, the installing vendor must describe the following precautions to the customer.
Even if the construction is perfect, handling the metal fixture improperly can undermine the integrity of the installation.
You should explain precautions on handling to the customer so that the customer can understand how to handle
the display.
¶ Convenient use of the plasma display
• If the display is not mounted properly, please ask the installing vendor to check and repair it.
• To prevent the display from falling or similar accidents, do not try to adjust the angle or height of the plasma
display yourself. Please ask the installing vendor to adjust it (Except the PDK-4001).
¶ Do not do the following.
The following actions are inherently dangerous. Exercise caution in handling the metal fixtures.
• Applying loads by pushing or pulling.
• Spilling water on the fixture.
• Placing something on the fixture.
• Touching screws that are part of the fixture.
(2) Notes for vendor performing the installation (Japanese only)
Once the installation is completed and checked and the above precautions have been explained to the customer,
the installing vendor must enter certain data in the Vendor's installation notes and give these notes to the customer.
(3) Periodic inspection
Parts that are not visible from the exterior, which are either inside the display or part of the floor or ceiling on which
the plasma display is mounted, may age without obvious signs until the display falls from the mounting fixtures.
Advise the customer to ask the installing vendor or a specialist to periodically inspect the fixture and plasma display.
Handling standard metal fixtures
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