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6.5 Precautions

• When the power to the display repeats turning off, some circuits mey be faulty (because of defective parts, etc.).
Turn off the power to the plasma display and turn on the switch again after several seconds. When the power is
turned off again, the system may be faulty. When it normally works, the system can be used without problems.
• When the same images (such as stills and telop) are on the display for hours, images are printed on the display and
not disappear. To prevent this trouble, examine the contents of software, showing method, system configuration,
• When the following signals are inputted, the screen may be abnormal:
VTR signal on which dubbing (copying) has been repeated
VTR signal that is protected by the copy guard
Scrambled CATV signal
Signal in which the phase of synchronizing signal is extremely off the position of the phase of picture signal.
• When the power is turning on or input is switched over, it requires some time for the screen to appear or for input to
change over, regardless of operation from buttons on the main body, remote controller, or RS232C. Take into account
this point for direction.
(1) When the power is turned on
Maximum 7 seconds
In either case of the main power on, or power on from standby, take into accounts that it requires approx. up to seven
seconds for images to appear.
For approx. 3 seconds in the standby state, pushing the power-on key cannot make operation valid.
(2) When input is switched over:
Approximately 0.7 seconds
Approximately 1.5 seconds
Images becomes blackout, because the system stops driving to make the plasma display emit plasma and must
rewrite the contents of the image memory. In addition, to switch over input between different frequencies, it takes
more time to convert the arrangement of the contents of the image memory. (maximum approx. 1.5 seconds).
Take into account this point for direction.
• To protect the panel and circuit, this machine cool the inside by decreasing luminance 30% when the ambient
temperature exceeds approx. 40 °C, and automatically increasing the number of revolutions of the fan (at this time,
the sound of revolving fan increases.)
The above protection starting temperature also changes depending on pictures of picture signal, ventilation of outer
environment, and the presence of dust in the ventilating hole of this machine.
Operate this machine with the ambient temperature of 40 °C or lower.
• If the power is automatically turned off, and the standby indicator flickeres green during operating this machine, the
following causes will be possible and take the proper steps:
1 The ambient temperature exceeds 55 °C.
Operate this machine with the ambient temperature of 40 °C or lower.
2 In the cases that the ventilating hole is blocked or some parts abnormally heats up, temperature in the machine is
abnormally high.
Remove the power plug. Then, contact an after-sales service representative and ask for repair.
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